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Top 10 business ideas


1.Home daycare center(small business ideas)

The demand for Daycare center is growing vast in India. Parents want to shape their child’s personality and set the foundation at the beginning and this opens the space for business opportunity. And it can be a successful home business.

Drafting the business plan

  • For setting up daycare, prepare a business plan
  • Firstly, place and infrastructure
  • The business model of daycare, whether it is part-time or full-time chooses according to your plan
  • Investments in infrastructure, equipment, advertising etc
  • Hiring a teacher
  • Deciding Curriculum what should be-thought in a daycare center
  • Registration and licensing of play school

2.Used car dealership

If you are passionate about the cars, then used car dealership is for you. Before starting you must know what are the steps to followed and how it works.

Drafting the business plan

  • Perform market research, if there is a demand for your product or service.
  • Dealer license, getting the dealers license is an important thing before buying and selling them.
  • Location of your business, you need a space which is big enough to display the used car for sale.
  • Keep a watch on the market you should when to buy and sell the car to book profit.
  • Marketing strategy, after setting up the business all you need to advertise your product or service by posting on the internet, olx or quickr.

3.Website developer

In this digital world, every business needs a website to drive a traffic to them to make sales. If you have a skill you can, this field which will never die.

Drafting the business plan

  • Know your strength and weakness
  • Know your market.
  • Design an attractive website.
  • Figure out how much to charge.
  • Be active on social media.

4.Online photo selling

If you are professional Photographer or an amateur you can make money by selling it online. What kind of photos do people want to buy? Right now one of the biggest consumers of online photography is blogger and websites owner. Every post or social media post requires an attractive and unique photo. Here few categories are photos of people, cities, nature, and infrastructure.

5.E-commerce store

E-commerce is a business idea with low investment. it is a booming business, but much online business struggle to get traction.If your thinking about to start an e-commerce business and selling products online. Use this checklist to do it in the right way.

Drafting the business plan

  • Chose your E-commerce niche.
  • Finding product/research business model.
  • Product choice.
  • Establish your brand and business.
  • Build E-commerce websites.
  • Attracting customers to your E-commerce store.
  • Marketing your products online.

6.Pickles and jams

A variety of pickles and jams are available in our country, And this product is very popular among the major population. However, there are some pickle and jams where people enjoy nationwide. With a  small capital investment, you can start the best business that makes money right away. But you must pay attention to the availability of fruits and vegetables locally.

Drafting the business plan

  • A good recipe.
  • Setup the infrastructure.
  • Find fresh best quality raw material.
  • Maintain hygiene.
  • Do the pricing.
  • Get FSSAI license.
  • Market your product through advertising.

7.Tavel agency business

If there is a good time to get into the tourism business this is it. With greater connectivity, online India has become a go-to destination all across the world. If your someone who loves travels and loves the planning process, then you may start a travel agency.

Drafting the business plan

  • Plan your Travel agency.
  • Conduct market research and find your niche.
  • Brand your travel agency.
  • Determine your funding strategy.
  • Choose a place and hire an employee.
  • Market and launch your travel agency.

8.Online custom tailoring( business ideas)

Online custom tailoring is the best business idea to make money, online shopping is amazing and quite exciting for internet users. online makes people lifestyle more comfortable and enjoyable.This is the solution for business people to excel in their field.

Drafting the business plan

  • Registering the domain name and buy hosting.
  • Setup E-commerce websites should be unique and user-friendly.
  • The website needs to build with E-tailoring store with an easy navigator and shopping cart.
  • Choose a particular niche in which u can be a success to build the business.
  • Marketing your business.

9.Aquarium maintenance business

Aquarium maintenance business is providing service of cleaning and maintaining the aquarium of the client who does not have for it. It is the best business to start with little money and aquarium maintenance business is great opportunity to get paid what you really like to do.

Drafting the business plan

  • Write a business plan for your aquarium maintenance.
  • Make sure you have technical skills in aquarium maintenance.
  • Gather supplies, buy fish food in bulk from an online wholesaler and acquire cleaning supplies.
  • Finding clients is the important thing.
  • Plan how much to charge your clients.
  • And finally, market your business.

10.Pest  control

Pest control business provides an important service in removing or eliminating potentially harmful insects, rodent, and reptiles from commercial and residential properties. It is the best business idea with low investment and high profit and starting a business of this sort can help both clients and service provider, with a bit of equipment, staff, and skills, one can offer service in urban and rural as well.

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